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Russian Navy

Project 1123 Kondor
Moskva class

The two Moskva class ships were introduced in 1967 and were homeported in the Black Sea. They deployed to the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. They were designated as "aviation cruisers" at least in part to avoid problems with the 1936 Montreaux Convention, which prohibited passage of "aircraft carriers" through the Dardanelles. Many Western analysts concurred with an anti-submarine definition of the ships’ purpose. The first Soviet aviation ships, the design was something of a hybrid, with features of a missile cruiser forward, and a flight deck aft of the superstructure. Their design was heavily influenced by the French carrier Jeanne d’Arc and the Italian Vittorio Veneto. At the time of her construction, the Moskva was the largest ship ever built by the Soviet Union. Alhtough of graceful appearance, their design was marred by a tendency to ride down in the bow. They were not capable carrying fixed wing aircraft, but embarked about 14 Ka-25 Hormone A anti-submarine helicopters. Developed to counter Western strategic missile submarines, they proved ineffective and unreliable. Only two ships were built, both of which were scrapped in the early 1990s. An additional unit was laid down but scrapped soon thereafter, and some Western analysts projected that as many as a dozen units of this class were planned.


Designer: Nevskoye Planning and Design Bureau
Builder: Nikolayev South
Displacement (tons): 11,200-14,600 tons standard
14,590- 19,200 tons full load
Speed : 29-31 knots
Dimensions (m): 179.0-182.8 meters long waterline
189.0 meters long overall
23.0-25.9 meters beam waterline
34.1 meters wide over flight deck
7.6-8.5 meters draft
Propulsion: 4 oil-fired steam boilers
2 steam turbines 90,000-100,000 shp
2 shafts
Crew: 850 (including air group)
Missiles: 2 twin SA-N-3 Goblet launchers [44]
1 twin SUW-N-1 missile launcher
Guns: 4 (2 twin) 57-mm/70-caliber AA
Torpedoes: 10 x 21" (533mm) in 2 quintuple torpedo tubes (discarded in 1980's)
Aircraft: 14 Ka-25 Hormone helicopters

Class Listing

#numberName Laid Down Launched Comm. Stricken
1104MoskvaSY 445BLACK12/15/196201/14/196412/26/196711/10/199611/**/1983 in reserve
1997 scrapped
2107LeningradSY 445BLACK01/15/196507/31/196806/02/196906/**/1991scrapped
3107Kiyev SY 44510/**/1968------------------------------12/**/1968 cancelled
01/**1969 scrapped

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