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Republic of China Navy


Taiwan's navy has recently completed the acquisition of a total of 21 Perry, Knox and La Fayette class frigates equiped with modern shipboard combat systems. This modernization program has provided Taiwan with its greatest advantage relative to China in recent memory, though this advantage will erode over the next decade as Chinese naval modernization plans are eventually fullfilled.

Type ClassDisplacement1985 2000 2010
Destroyers 2074
Tien Tan ACSArleigh Burke8,300--4
Chao YangGearing3,500147-
Lo YangAllen M. Summer3,2202--
Heng YangFletcher3,0354--
Frigates 102136
Cheng KungPerry4,100 -78
Chi YangKnox4,200-88
Kang DingLa Fayette3,500 -66
Kuang Hua-V2,000--14
Tai YuanRudderow1,9501--
Tien ShanCharles Lawrence2,1503--
Wen ShanCrosley2,1506--
Fast Attack Missile Craft 526241
Ching Chiang580-1111
Kuang Hua-VI200--30
Lung ChiangPSMM MK5 25022-
Hai OuDvora475049-
Submarines 2412
Hai Lung II2,500--10
Hai LungZwaardvis 2,600-22
Hai ShihGUPPY2,44022
Amphibious 271514
Chen HaiAshland9,37512-
Chung Ho Newport8,792-22
Chung HaiLST-14,0802277
Mei LoLSM-11,095444

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