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Republic of China Navy

Chi Yang-class [Knox] Frigate

Taiwan's Kuang Hua [Glorious China] naval modernization program includes the lease of eight Knox-class frigates from the United States, which are are equipped with the U.S.-made Harpoon ASCM. The primary mission of these newer frigates is sea control, particularly the capability to protect the sea lanes beyond the range of coastal aircraft. In 1998 the United States agreed to provide four Knox class frigates to Taiwan as part of the third batch of delivery and to sell all six of the same class of frigates which were previously leased to Taiwan. Two of the four Knox-class frigates were scheduled to arrive in Taiwan in September 1999 to enter service; while another two frigates, to be bought at bargain prices, will be scrapped and their parts used as logistics support for other frigates of same class. The ROC Navy will possess eight Knox class frigates at the same time, counting the original six frigates.

Under the ROC Navy's long-term Weapons System Modernization [WSM] Plan, the Knox class frigates will be upgraded when budget constraints ease. The Plan is aimed at greatly upgrading the frigates' air defense, anti-submarine, and electronic warfare capabilities. The Plan calls for modernizing the Knox class frigates with a new type of combat combat command center and equipping them with new radars, active towed array sonars, Phalanx or area air defense vertical launch systems, and active and passive electronic warfare systems. Some of the equipment will also be fitted in other new-generation warships, such as replacing the much-criticized Sea Chaparral missiles on the Kang Ding class frigates with a similar type of new air defense vertical launch system.


Propulsion steam turbines
Length 438 feet / 133 meters
Beam 46.5 feet / 14.2 meters
Draft 24.5 feet / 7.5 meters
Displacement 4,250 tons full load
Speed 27 knots
Crew 250
  • 1 - 8-cell ASROC (16 ASROC or 12 ASROC + 4 Harpoon SSM)
  • 1 - 5-inch/54 gun
  • 1 - 20 mm Phalanx CIWS
  • 4 - 12.75 inch torpedo tubes
  • Construction

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