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People's Liberation Army Navy

Yuting-class large landing ship

China's naval force has an insufficient number of large-scale and advanced landing ships and lacks such indispensable ship varieties as amphibious assault ships and dock landing ships. China's current amphibious landing capability is largely restricted to the several Yuting and Yukan-class landing ships.

The PLAN's amphibious fleet provides sealift sufficient to transport approximately one infantry division. The PLAN also has hundreds of smaller landing craft, barges, and troop transports, all of which could be used together with fishing boats, trawlers, and civilian merchant ships to augment the naval amphibious fleet. Shortcomings in long-range lift, logistics, and air support, however, hinders China's ability to project amphibious forces.


Builder Zhonghua SY
Propulsion diesel
Length 426 feet / 130 meters
Beam 52 feet / 16 meters
Draft 11 feet / 3.2 meters
Displacement 4,800 tons
Speed knots ( mph)
Crew 120
Capacity 250 troops, 500 tons equipment
Armament 3 - dual 37mm
Construction At least six have been built at a rate of roughly one each year since 1992.


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