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Type 054 Luhai-class Multirole Destroyer

The Type 054 Luhai-class multirole destroyers represent a significantly enlarged development of the Luhu-class destroyer design with some evident radar signature reduction features, and [eventually] significant air defense enhancements. One notable difference from the previous Luhuclass is the replacement of the diesel-gas-turbines with gas-turbine engines. The first unit, DD-167 Shenzhen, was completed in 1999 and entered service. The Luhai-class is 2000 tons larger than the previous Luhu-class, and is equiped with 16 C801/802 SSMs, an 8-cell HQ-7 SAM launcher, and two Z-9A helicoptors. The HQ-7/Cortale short-range SAM appears ineffective against modern sea-skimming missiles attacking from multiple directions. The configuration of the ship indicates that a vertical launch system [VLS] will eventually installed, though this was not fitted on the initial unit apparently due to delays in the development of the HQ-9 anti-aircraft missile.


Builder Dalian
Propulsion2 Ukraine design AM50 gas-turbine engines @ 48,600 hp
Length 153 meters / 490 feet
Beam 16.5 meters / feet
Draft 6 meters / feet
Displacement 6,600 tons full load
Endurance 14,000nm at 14 knots
Speed 29 knots
Crew 250
  • VLS for HQ-9 or Lieying-60 SAM
  • 16 C-802 SSM
  • 1 8-cell HQ-7 SAM
  • 1 dual 100mm/56 gun
  • 4 dual 37 mm guns
  • Construction 167 Yantai
    168 ???

    First unit launched in 1997, entered service in October 1998
    second unit expected completion in 2000-2001
    additional construction possible

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