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Type 051 Luda-class guided missile destroyer

The Type 051 Luda-class guided missile destroyer are similar to the discontinued Soviet Kotlin class. Intended for anti-ship strikes, the primary offensive armament is pair of "Sea Eagle I" ship-to-ship missiles. The combat potential provided by the high speed and long range of this design was compromised by the lack of an air defense ability. In common with the Soviet Kotlin class, the Luda class ships originally had no ship-to-air missiles for self-protection, a deficiency which the Soviet Navy eventually remedied with the SAM Kotlin class.

Three major variants have been produced

  • Luda I initial basic configuratuion, though with considerable variations in armament and electronics among units.
  • Luda II added the 8-cell HQ-7 SAM system along with a helicopter deck and hangar replacing the aft gun armament
  • Luda III features improved sonars, SSMs, and electronics on a single ship, DD166 Zhuhai.

    The initial Luda I design has been extensively modernized, primarily for ASW missions, in the Luda-III class (type 051G, 3,730t full loaded). So far only one vessel was identified (hull number 166, possibly changed to 168 for overseas deployment), but more Luda-Is are expected to be upgraded to the Luda-III standard in the future.

    One unit of this class, DD110 Dalian attached to the North China Sea Fleet, is a showcase ship which handles tasks related to foreign affairs. In the eight years between 1986 and 1993, the "Dalian" completed 22 diplomatic missions and received heads of state, military leaders, and warships from 18 countries.


    Builder Luda SY, Zhonghua SY, Dalian SY
    Propulsion Steam turbines
    Length 433 feet / 132 meters
    Beam 42 feet / 12.8 meters
    Draft 17.4 feet / 5.3 meters
    Displacement 3,960 tons full load
    3,536 tons standard load
    Speed 36 knots ( mph)
    Crew 280
  • 6 C-201/HY-2 SSM
  • 2 dual 130mm/58 cal guns
  • 4 dual 57 mm AA guns
  • 2 dual 25 mm guns
  • 38 mines
  • Construction 'Type 051 Luda I' Class

    106 Xinan
    107 Yinchuan
    108 Xining
    110 Dalian

    131 Nanjing
    132 Hefei
    133 Chongqing
    134 Zunyi

    161 Changsha
    162 Nanning
    163 Nanchang
    164 Guilan
    165 Zhanjiang

    'Type 051 Luda II' Class

    105 Jinan
    109 Kaifeng

    'Type 051 Luda III' Class Destroyer

    166 Zhuhai

    A total of 18 units were built between 1972 and 1991.
    DDG160 has been scrapped, and additional units may be retired over the next decade.

    Luda Class

    Luda-II Class

    Luda-III Class

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