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Type-81 Tan-SAM SAM-1J

The Japanese Type 81 Tan-SAM is one of the latest additions to the Japan Self-Defense Force's arsenal. It is a lightweight, portable system for use against low-to-medium level targets, and is intended to replace the aging HAWK system (both HAWK models also in this catalog). Tan-SAM (TAN meaning "short," as in "short-range") uses an improved, much more compact tracking system than HAWK, has a range of approximately 10 km, and reaches speeds of Mach 2.4. The missile is only 2.7 meters long and 16 centimeters in diameter, putting it in the approximate size of Roland.


Contractor Toshiba
Entered Service 1982
Total length 2.7m
Diameter 0.16m
Weight 100kg
Warhead Weight 9kg HE fragmentation
Propulsion solid
Maximum Speed
Maximum effective range 10 km
Guidance mode In Sight Lock-on + IR Homing
Single-shot hit probability

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