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Type 80 ASM-1

The Japanese Type 80 ASM-1 Missile is designed primarily as an air-launched coastal defense weapon. In practice it could be used against a variety of surface targets, including ships, truck convoys, light armored vehicles, buildings and bridges. With the addition of a solid-fuel booster stage, this missile is also used as part of the ground-launched SSM-1 system.

Based on the Type-80 Air-to-Ship Missile, various anti-ship systems including Type-88 SSM (Surface-to-Ship Missile), Type-90 SSM (Ship-to-Ship Missile), Type-91 and 93 ASMs (Air-to-Ship Missile) have been developed. These systems comprise the Japanese anti-ship missile family and are deployed in the Ground, Maritime, and Air Self Defense Forces.


Contractor Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Entered Service 1980
Total length 4.0 m
Diameter 0.35 m
Wingspan 1.2 m
Weight 600 kg
Warhead 150kgHE semi-armor piercing
Propulsion solid
Maximum Speed
Maximum effective range 50 km
Guidance mode Inertial + active radar
Single-shot hit probability

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