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RPK-9 Medvedka

The RPK-9 Medvedka [SS-N-29] is similar to the American ASROC-like torpedo carrying rocket for small ships. The MEDVEDKA Missile System is intended to engage hostile submarines and can be installed at surface ships. It has no analogies in terms of potential installation on small ships. The system can be used in shallow water. The system comprises missiles each with the small torpedo as the warhead, launchers* intended for single and ripple missile launches, the fire control system to provide target movement parameters, data for single and ripple firing, output and transmission of launch and flight data, and ground support facilities to store and maintain the system at depots, bases, arsenals, and mobile basing posts. The system can be modified and suited for installation on customer's operational ships to provide inclined or vertical launch on request. The basic variant of the system comprises two four-tube launcher modules. Modular design makes it possible to install one/two/four launcher modules to configure customised system variants comprising from one to eight launchers at customer's request.


Nato Code Name
Russian Designation
Range 0- 20,000 meter
15-500 meters Target engagement depth
Design Bureau
Propulsion Solid Rocket
Speed Subsonic
In-service: Yes
Total weight 12,000 kg shipboard system with four missiles
19,400 kg Total weight of system with eight missiles
Missile weight 800 kg
length 5.5 meters
calibre 400 mm

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