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SS-N-16 Stallion

The SS-N-16 (Stallion) is a Russian 650mm calibre anti-ship missile capable of being fitted with a 10-20 kT warhead or a Type 40 torpedo. The SS-N-16 Stallion ASW system was deployed in 1979-1981. This non strategic weapon has a range variously estimated at between 50 kilometers and 100-120 kilometers. The SS-N-16 concept is a unique antiship cruise missile that can carry alternatively a high-explosive charge to destroy surface ships or a torpedo for use against submarines. This type of weapon can be used by surface ships or submarines, as with the American AGM-84 Harpoon, although they are not equivalent. The diameter of this type of missiles is so large that it must be launched from 650 mm tubes, and cannot be carried in the standard 533 mm torpedo tubes. The RPK-6 Vodopod is the surface ship system, firing the 83R torpedo carrying or 86R nuclear depth charge, while the RPK-7 Vodopei is the submarine system.


USA Code Name SS-N-16A - Torpedo Warhead
SS-N-16B - Nuclear Depth Charge
Nato Code Name Stallion
Russian Designation RU-100 Veter ( Torpedo Warhead - Type 40)
RU-100 Vodopod ( Nuclear Depth Charge - 200kT)
Design Bureau Novator
Range 100 Km
Propulsion Solid Rocket
Speed N/A
In-service: Yes

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