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Tien Chien-I / Sky Sword-I

Tien-Chien I, an infrared guided short range air-to-air missile, with all-aspect attack, fire & forget, high maneuvering, and precision guidance capabilities, can be carried by various types of fighters including the Ching-Kuo IDF to achieve air superiority. The PLAAF currently has in its inventory a number of AAMs which are superior to those in Taiwan's inventory. The Russian-built AA-11/ARCHER infrared (IR) AAM carried on the Su-27 is superior to Taiwan's AIM-9/SIDEWINDER and indigenously-produced Tien Chien-I/ Sky Sword-I IR AAM. China's AA-10a/ALAMO missiles, on the other hand, are roughly comparable to, or slightly less capable than, Taiwan's AIM-7/SPARROWs.

The CS/MPQ-78 is a mobile fire control radar, which can be incorporated with both gun and missile to execute low altitude air defense missions. The CS/MPQ-78 short-range air defense fire control radar developed by the Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology is composed of a search radar, a track radar and a photoelectric monitor. The search and track radars cover both medium-altitude and low- altitude air space, with a distance precision accuracy of around 10 meters. Its fire control system, combined with 35mm and 40mm rapid-fire guns and land-based Sky Sword I air defense missile, can offer an adequate short-range air defense; and it has a multiple anti-jamming function.


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