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Sea Wolf

Sea Wolf is a high speed close-range anti-missile with a guidance system of semi-automatic command to line of sight with radar and/or infra-red missile and target tracking. Seawolf is the only widely used missile in the world that was designed specifically to kill incoming anti-ship missiles. This closein defense system is designed to handle antiship missiles in speeds up to Mach 2. The Seawolf missile has successfully destroyed the Exocet missile. It is fitted in Type 22 (Batch 1, 2 and 3) Frigates. The Duke Class Type 23 Frigates have had BAe's vertical launch Seawolf system installed and tested. The missiles are fitted into sealed canisters in a 32cannister silo. Missile exhaust gases are directed up and out the sides of the canister. The missile uses a thrust vectoring boost motor for getting the missile up, out and turned over, then the main motor ignites. The thrust vector and boost motor unit is jettisoned and thereby increases per missile firing costs a compared to other missiles. It is expected that this VLS will be installed on all Type 23 frigates. In late 1997 the MoD invited initial expressions of interest in a proposed Seawolf mid-life update.


Entered Service
Total length 1.90m (6ft 2.8in)
Diameter 0.30m (11.8in)
Wingspan 0.45m (1ft 5.7in)
Weight Total round 82-kg (180.4-lb)
Maximum SpeedMach 2+
Maximum effective range 6.5km (4.04 miles) or
10km (6.2 miles) in vertical-launch
4.7-3050m (15-10,000ft) altitude limit
Guidance mode
Single-shot hit probability

Sources and Methods

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