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Sea Skua

The Sea Skua anti-surface missile was launched 12 times during the Gulf War - and registered 12 hits. Able to fire the Sea Skua, which was so successful during the Gulf war, the Lynx forms an integral part of the ships detection and weapon system and can project the influence of a ship over great distances with the key element of surprise. In addition to the Sea Skua the Lynx has the Sting Ray torpedo and the older technology but nevertheless most effective depth charge for anti-submarine warfare. The UK Ministry of Defence has problems maintaining three types of naval missile made by British Aerospace (BAe), the Sea Dart area air defence weapon, the Seawolf point defence missile and the helicopter-launched Sea Skua light anti-ship missile. These missiles all have problems with ageing components.


Contractor British Aerospace
Year 1982
Type helicopter-launched anti-ship missile
Wingspan 0.72 m
Length 2.5 m
Diameter 0.25 m
Launch weight 145 kg
Max. speed 1050 km/h
Minimum range 2 km
Maximum range 25 km
Propulsion solid propellant rocket motor booster and sustainer
Guidance I-band semi-active radar guidance
Warhead delayed impact-fuzed high-explosive armored, 28 kg
Service Great Britain, Germany, India, Turkey.

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