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SA-X-21 Mysk

In 1996 there were reports of that US sources had suggested the fact of the existence of a new Russian SAM system in development with the US designators SA-X-21 and the Russian system nomenclature believed to be Mysk. However, no additional information has been forthcoming concerning either a Russian system designated Mysk, or any other system that might be associated with the SA-X-21 designator. The Ballistic Missile Defense Simulation Support Center's Extended Air Defense Simulation [EADSIM] modeling database does contain an entry for the SA-21, though publicly available details are lacking. The Extended Air Defense Simulation is a system-level simulation used to assess the effectiveness of Theater Missile Defense (TMD) and air defense systems against the full spectrum of extended air defense threats. EADSIM models performance and predicts effectiveness of ballistic missiles, surface-to-air missiles, aircraft missiles, and cruise missiles in a variety of user defined scenarios. EADSIM is being used by all four U.S. military services, individually and jointly, at over 300 subscriber sites around the world. It is also being used by the United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, and the SHAPE Technical Center under Memoranda of Agreement with the U.S. Army. EADSIM has been used in support of the TMD Advanced Warfare Experiment, as well as TMD Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analysis studies. EADSIM was used successfully by the U.S. Air Force Studies and Analyses Agency to analyze attrition, Suppression of Enemy Air Defense missions, and refueling operations during Desert Shield and Desert Storm.


Entered Service
Total length
Warhead Weight
Maximum Speed
Maximum effective range
Guidance mode
Single-shot hit probability

Sources and Methods

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