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9M111 Pantsyr S1

The SA-19 GRISOM (9M111) is a radar command guided, two-stage surface to air missile mounted on the 2S6 Integrated Air Defense System. The 2S6 vehicle is fitted with two banks of four missiles in blocks of two, which can be elevated vertically independent of each other. The SA-19 can engage aerial targets moving at a maximum speed of 500 meters/second at altitudes ranging from 15 to 3,500 meters, and at slant ranges from 2400 to 8000 meters. The missile's high-explosive fragmentation warhead is actuated by a proximity fuse if the missile passes within 5 meters of the target. The SA-19 is supported by the HOT SHOT radar system, which consists of a surveillance radar with a maximum range of 18 km, and a tracking radar with a maximum range of 13 km. The semi-automatic radar to command line-of-sight engagement requires the gunner to track the target using the roof-mounted stabilized optical sight. The SA-19 is claimed to have a kill probability of 0.65.


Chassis: Ural-53234 8 x 8 truck
Crew 3
Armament 12 57E6 SAMs, 2 2A72 30 mm guns
Guidance system radio commands with IR or radio direction finding
Maximum speed 1,100 m/sec
Time of flight to 10 km range 14 sec
With container 90 kg
Launch weight 65 kg
Container diameter 170 mm
Length in container 3.2 m
Warhead type: fragmentation rod
Warhead weight 16 kg
Calibre 30 mm
Total rate of fire 700 rds per minute
Muzzle velocity 960 m/sec
Projectile weight 0.97 kg
Ammunition load 750 rounds
Range, with target reflection surface of 2-3 sq cm
Target detection at least 30 km
Target tracking at least 24 km
Kill zone
Range 1,000 to 12,000 m
Altitude 5 - 8,000 m
Range 0.2 - 4,000 m
Altitude 0 - 3,000 m
Number of simultaneously engaged targets 2
Number of targets handled per minute 10 - 12
Reaction time 5 - 6 sec

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