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SA-17 GRIZZLY / Buk-M1-2
SA-N-12 GRIZZLY / Yezh

SA-17 GRIZZLY is a new mobile SAM system to augment and eventually replace the SA-11 GADFLY. The new system uses the same launch vehicle chassis, and overall has a similar configuration to the SA-11 GADFLY. The SNOW DRIFT surveillance radar is also carried on the modified GM-569 tracked vehicle chassis. Russia is upgrading the Belorussian Buk (NATO: SA-11 Gadfly) air defence missile system at the Uliyanovsk Mechanical Plant. The new Buk-M1-2 (SA-17 Grizzly) system has increased fire power, and guarantees hits against six targets flying simultaneously from different directions and at different altitudes. The Yezh naval version [SA-N-12] of the SA-17 is visually Identical to SA-N-7.

The HQ-16 is a joint development project between China and Russia that apparently represents a further evolution of the Russian Grizzly. The system would represent a significant overall improvement in Chinese air defense capabilities. The HQ-16 will reportedly have a range of 50 miles and the ability to hit both high and low flying targets.


Entered Service
Total length
Warhead Weight
Maximum Speed
Maximum effective range
Guidance mode
Single-shot hit probability

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