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9K34 Strela-3

SA-14 GREMLIN (Strela-3 9K34) man-portable SAM is the successor to the SA-7/SA-7b (Strela-2 9K32 and Strela-2M 9K32M). The system consists of the 9P59 gripstock, 9P51 thermal battery/gas reservoir, and 9M36-1 missile. The external appearance of the SA-14 is very similar to the SA-7, and the gripstock, launch canister and aft missile body are almost identical. The most significant differences are the new seeker system and the substitution of a ball-shaped 9P51 thermal battery and gas reservoir for the SA-7's canister shaped battery. The SA-14's new nitrogen-cooled lead sulfide seeker allows it to home in on the exhaust plume of jet engines, turboprop and helicopter gas turbine engines. The enhanced seeker allowed the SA-14 to be fired against targets from much broader angles, as well as defeating countermeasures such as exhaust shrouds. Optical filtration was added to the seeker to reduce vulnerability to typical IRCM flares. The warhead of the SA-14 was nearly doubled in weight over the small warhead of the SA-7. The guidance electronics were reduced in weight and a new solid-propellant motor was introduced, compensating for the heavier warhead and improving aerodynamic performance. The SA-14 has a maximum range of 4500 meters, and a maximum altitude of 3000 meters.


Designation 9K34 Strela-3
Date of Introduction 1978
Proliferation Worldwide
Crew 1
Launcher Name 9P59
Length (m) 1.40
Diameter (mm) 75
Weight (kg) 2.95
Reaction Time (sec) 14
Time Between Launches (sec) 35-40
Reload Time (sec) 25
Missile Name 9M36 or 9M36-1
Max. Range (m) 6,000
Min. Range (m) 600
Max. Altitude (m) 6,000
Min. Altitude (m) 50
Length (m) 1.4 m
Diameter (mm) 75 mm
Fin Span (mm) INA
Weight (kg) 10.3
Missile Speed (m/s) 600
Propulsion 2-stage solid-propellant rocket
Guidance passive IR homing
Seeker Field of View INA
Tracking Rate INA
Warhead Type Frag-HE
Warhead Weight (kg) 1.0
Fuze Type Contact/grazing
Self-Destruct (sec) 14-17
FIRE CONTROL Sights w/Magnification
Launch tube has simple sights
Gunner Field of View ( o ) INA
Acquisition Range (m) INA
VARIANTS Igla 9M39 (SA-N-8) Naval version

For more information on the SA-14 and efforts to control its proliferation, see ASMP Issue Brief #1: MANPADS Proliferation

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