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The Saab RBS15 family of long-range anti-ship missile systems is designed to meet future requirements in a variety of operational circumstances in open-sea engagements, anti-invasion defence and littoral warfare close to land or among islands. RBS15, which is in service in Sweden and with a number of export customers, can be easily installed on naval craft ranging in size from fast patrol boats upwards, on highly mobile and rapidly deployable trucks, and on aircraft. In all three cases, the missiles have the same intelligent, frequency-agile radar seeker, advanced navigation, guidance and altimetry electronics, and powerful defence penetration and hit capabilities.

RBS15 is a fire-and-forget anti-ship missile with all-weather, day and night operational capability. The new-generation RBS15 Mk3 offers extended range and increased tactical flexibility compared with earlier versions. The system's features operational and tactical versatility with a very flexible trajectory, including a flight range of more than 200 km a large number of waypoints and altitudes extremely low sea-skimming with sea-state adaptation. It provides sophisticated target discrimination and selection with high resistance to electronic countermeasures and easy engagement planning with extensive decision support.


Entered Service
Total length
Warhead Weight
Maximum Speed
Maximum effective range
Guidance mode
Single-shot hit probability

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