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Otomat 2

The Otomat 2 over-the-horizon ship-to-ship missile has a range of 100-180 kilometers. Due to influences from the curvature of the earth, the detection systems on the attacking ship itself are limited to direct use within approximately 40 kilometers. Therefore, to operate and effect the over-the-horizon ship-to-ship missile, either a surface ship or a shipborne helicopter must take the forward position to act as a midway station to transmit pertinent data, relating target information, and flight information on the missile back to the attacking ship. The helicopter simultaneously transmits pertinent commands (such as guidance correction) from the firing ship or the mid-way point to the missile in flight, allowing the missile to hit the target with precision.


Entered Service
Total length
Warhead Weight
Maximum Speed
Maximum effective range
Guidance mode
Single-shot hit probability

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