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The Matra BAe Dynamics Mica is an innovative lightweight missile that can both intercept incoming missiles and fire at multiple targets. The Mica is an advanced medium-range missile that is the French counterpart to the more capable American AMRAAM missile. Variants include active radar and infra-red homing, providing a unique ability to select target-engagement options for both short and medium-range intercepts. The 4A active anti-air seeker was developed by Dassault Electronique within the framework of a European cooperation, both for the Mica air-to-air missile and, in a slightly different version, for Eurosam's Aster surface-to-air missile.


GuidanceCommand, inertial and Active radar or imaging IR
PropellantSolid propellant
FuzeActive Radar
Range50 km / 28 miles
SpeedMach 4
Length10 ft
Weight243 lbs
Warhead12 kg HE blast fragmentation

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