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SS-N-2 Styx
HY-1 / SY-1
FL-1 Flying Dragon

China acquired the Russian SS-N-2 Styx missile technology in 1959, and production began in 1974. The Russian SS-N-2 was used in 1967 against Israel by Egypt, in 1971 by India against Pakistan, and by Iran during its 1980-88 war with Iraq. Chinese copies of the Styx design (CSS-C-2 Silkworm and CSS-C-3 Seersucker) coastal defence missiles and the ship launched CSS-N-1 and CSS-N-2 were used by both sides in the Iraq-Iran War

Technological improvements to the C-801/SARDINE and the C-802/ SACCADE are providing a gradual upgrade to China's current force of antiquated first generation CSS-N-1 SCRUBBRUSH ASCMs. It was reported in 1996 that Iran had begun indigenous production of a medium-range antiship missile, the FL-10, based on the Chinese FL-2 or FL7 and developed with Chinese technical assistance.


Entered Service
Total length 5.8 meters
Diameter o.76 meters
Wingspan 2.4 meters
Weight 2,300 kg
Warhead Weight 454kg HE hollow charge
Maximum Speed
Maximum effective range 80 km
Guidance mode Auto pilot, Active radar
Single-shot hit probability

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