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The joint venture Euromissile was created in 1972 by Germany's Daimler-Benz Aerospace (DASA) and France's Aerospatiale SA. Since the mid-1970s, and to this day, its Milan and Hot anti-tank weapons and the Roland surface-to-air system have been highly successful. The Hot anti-tank system was developed by Euromissile for the French and German armies for use on land vehicles and helicopters. Hot was officially selected in 1997 by France and Germany to be mounted on the new Franco-German Tiger helicopter.


Contractor Euromissile
Year 1978
Type anti-tank missile
Modifications HOT - basic missile
HOT 2 - larger warhead, introduced in 1986
Wingspan 0.31 m
Length 1.3 m
Diameter (HOT) 0.14 m
Diameter (HOT 2) 0.15 m
Launch weight (HOT) 23.5 kg
Max. speed 900 km/h
Minimum range 0.075 km
Maximum range 4 km
Propulsion two stage solid propellant rocket motors
Guidance line of sight via wires
Warhead impact-fuzed high-explosive hollow charge, 3 kg (4 kg in HOT 2)
Service France, Germany, Great Britain, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Egypt, Qatar, Morocco, Iraq, Spain, China, Cameroon, South Africa, Gabon, Kuwait

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