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Hsiung-Feng II

From the experience and technology gained from the Hsiung-Feng I development project, and extended range Hsiung-Feng II missile was developed with anti-jamming seeker and an automatic engagement capability. This antiship guided missile is 4.6 meters long, has a diameter of 0.34 meters, weighs 685 kilograms, and has a range of 80 kilometers, a speed of Mach 0.65, and a warhead weighing 180 kilograms [some reports state that the warhead weighs 225 kilograms]. Some reports claim that the top speed of the the HSIUNG-FENG II antiship guided missile is as high as Mach 0.85. But the similar United States HARPOON guided missile also has a speed of only Mach 0.75 and theTOMAHAWK guided missile has a speed of Mach 0.72.

There are three versions to be launched from sea, air and ground on various platforms. The Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology Second Institute is engaged in follow-up research and development projects, including preparatory research and development of the Hsiung Feng II-E weapon system, concerning which no details have been made public.

Taiwan's future SSM may be a cruise missile based on the current HSIUNG-FENG II antiship guided missile. If the HSIUNG-FENG II antiship guided missile is used as a basis for remaking the SSM, then based on cruise missile characteristics the external form and weight of the modified SSM would be basically the same as the original antiship guided missile. The range could be increased to about 230 kilometers, but the speed still would be Mach 0.65. Because of the increased range, it would be necessary to increase the amount of fuel. The weight of the warhead would be reduced to 150 or 100 kilograms and the accuracy would be about 100 meters.


Entered Service
Total length 4.6 meters
Diameter 0.34 meters
Weight 685 kilograms
Warhead Weight
Maximum Speed
Maximum effective range 80 kilometers
Guidance mode
Single-shot hit probability

Sources and Methods

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