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The C-701 light-weight anti-ship missile measures 2.5 meters long, less than half that of the Yingji-801. The diameter of the missile is also much smaller. It has a range of 15 kilometers and a cruising speed of Mach 0.8. It uses television guidance control and is anti-jamming capability is comparable to that of the US Maverick missile. However, the C-701 can be launched from ships and planes, unlike the air-to-surface Maverick. The C-701 antiship missile was first exhibited at China's Second International Aviation and Aerospace Show held in Zhuhai late 1998.


Entered Service
Total length 2.5 meters
Weight 100 kg
Warhead Weight
Maximum Speed Mach 0.8
Maximum effective range 15 kilometers
Guidance mode television
Single-shot hit probability

C-701 AShM C-701 AShM C-701 AShM C-701 AShM

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