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C-301 / HY-3

The C-301 / HY-3 [Western CSSC-X-6] is a supersonic coastal defence anti-ship missile with four solid rocket boosters and two ramjet sustainer engines located aft of the missile body. The booster motors accelerate the missile to past Mach 1.8 and the kerosene-fueled ramjet engines accelerate the missile to a cruise speed of Mach 2.0. Its range is variously reported as up to 180 km, and it can fly as low as 50 meters in its terminal attack phase. The missile is programmed to dive from cruising altitude to under 100 feet before the active-radar terminal phase begins, then dive onto the target just prior to impact. While test flights of this missile have been conducted, the operational status of the system remains unclear.


Entered Service under development
Total length 9.85 meters
Wingspan 2.24 meters
Weight 3,400 kg
Warhead 300-500 kg Semi AP HE
Propulsiontwo side-mounted ramjet engines
four solid propellant boost motors
Maximum SpeedMach 2.0
Maximum effective range 100-180 km
Guidance mode Inertial and Active Radar
Single-shot hit probability

Sources and Methods

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