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Bumbar (Bumble Bee)

The Bumbar (Bumble Bee) is a Yugoslav anti-tank missile, based on the Eryx missile, that features a highly manoeuvarble direct thrust vector control system located at the missile's center of gravity. With separate ejection and sustainer rocket motors, the first enables soft launching and the second ensures high thrust and flight velocity with short flight time up to maximum range. The CCD localizer and guidance computer within the firing post provide an exellent antijaming protection, using the microcamle to guide the missile. The major parts of weapon are made of non-metalic materials, plastics or light-metal alloys so the weapon is lightweight.


Entered Service
Total length 0.9 m
Diameter 136 mm
Weight mass of the missile round 12 kg
mass of the missile 10 kg
mass of the firing post 4 kg
mass of the tripod 2 kg
Warhead anti-ERA, tandem warhed
Maximum Speed
effective range 60 to 600m
flight time up to maximum range less than 5 sec
Guidance mode
penetration behind ERA 1000mm of RHA
system reliability higher than 90%
Single-shot hit probability more than 90%

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