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BARAK is a ground based, mobile or stationary air defense system armed with BARAK Vertical Launch Missile, providing on unobstructed hemispherical coverage and protection against all existing air threats: aircraft, helicopters, UAVs and stand-off munitions of all types, including cruise missiles.

Proven anti- missile capability All weather, day and night operation Autonomous or netted operation 12 ready to launch missiles Short reaction time

HIGH LETHALITY - Sophisticated warhead, fully integrated with advanced proximity fuse, ensures high kill probability of small targets.

ADVANCED RADAR TECHNOLOGY - Narrow beam KA frequency band, ECCM immunity.

COMMAND & CONTROL - Instant response, automatic and fully computerized firing sequence.

VERTICAL LAUNCH - Operation in densely populated sites and combat areas, no safety sector restrictions.

CLOS GUIDANCE - Precise intercept of high and low altitude, reduced RCS threats such as missiles and UAVs.

HIGHLY ENERGETIC MISSILE - large defended area and operation against high maneuverability targets.

COST EFFICIENCY - Minimal personnel requirements, minimized system maintenance, highest reliability and operational availability.


Entered Service
Total length
Warhead Weight
Maximum Speed
Maximum effective range
Guidance mode
Single-shot hit probability


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