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AS.34 Kormoran

The Kormoran combines range, accuracy, and hard-hitting power in one smooth, aerodynamic package. Air launched against ships or land targets, the Kormoran employs inertial guidance for cruising. When it reaches its target at the end of its 23 mile range, active radar homing takes over. Kormoran's 352 lb. warhead is delay fused, to allow it to penetrate up to 90mm of steel plate before detonating

Kormoran 2 is the upgunned version of the successful Kormoran 1 guided missile. It has been adapted to the German Navy plane Tornado and can be deployed as a standoff weapon against surface vessels. The system utilizes top-notch seeker technology for target selection and works on the fire-and-forget principle; the range exceeds 30 kilometers.


Length 4.4 m.
Diameter 34.4 cm.
Span 100 cm.
Weight 600 kg.
Speed Mach 0.9
Range Up to 23 miles

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