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The AS-30L missile (launch weight 520 kg, warhead weight 240 kg) has a maximum airspeed of Mach 1.5 and a range of fire from 3 to 10 km. The power plant is a solid- propellant missile engine with two degrees of thrust. Missile control is hydrodynamic with the help of jet stream reflectors. Employment of the missiles from French Jaguar aircraft in the Persian Gulf war proved very effective. In the course of combat sorties, AS-30L launches usually were made from a dive at an altitude of 1.3 km (dive entry altitude 2.2 km).


Year 1973

In-service in the French Armed Forces :

1985 (on Jaguar), 1993 (on Mirage 2000D), 1995 (on upgraded Super Etendard)

Type short- to medium-range standoff missile

Typical mission

Bombardment of targets requiring high precision

Modifications AS.30 - basic missile
AS.30L - laser-guided version [Data for AS.30L]
Wingspan 1.0 m
Length 3.7 m
Diameter 0.34 m
Launch weight 520 kg
Max. speed 1700 km/h
Ceiling 10000 m
Minimum range 3 km
Maximum range 11 km
Propulsion two stage solid propellant rocket motors, composite booster, double-based sustainer
Guidance semi-active laser homing
Warhead impact-fuzed high-explosive semi-armor piercing, 240 kg
Can pierce 2 meters of concrete before blowing up

Ignition :

Impact fuse with possible retarded spark

Special related equipment :

Laser pod Atlis (Thomson-CSF)

Laser designation pod with thermal camera (Thomson-CSF)

Major operational capabilities :

High accuracy on target (1m) with ground or airborne laser lightning (pod Atlis or PDL-CT)

Success rate of 97% for about 60 missiles launched in the Gulf in 1991 and in Bosnia in 1995

Number of units produced :

More than 900

Possible carrying aircraft :

Mirage 2000D, Mirage 2000-5, F 16, Jaguar, Mirage F1, upgraded Super Etendard, Rafale

Service France, Great Britain, South Africa, Egypt, Iraq, Germany, Peru, Switzerland, India.

Thermal camera laser pod

Builder : Thomson-CSF Optronique
In-service in the French Air Force : 1993 (1999 for the PDL-CT S)
Length : 2.85 m
Weight : 340 kg
Related armament : AS-30 laser ; 1,000-kg BGL ; GBU
Major operational capabilities : Detection, target identification, night and day laser guidance of weapons
Number of units produced : 50 planned for 2000
Main user nations : Italy, Saudi Arabia
Possible carrying aircraft : Mirage 2000D, Tornado

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