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Raduga Kh-15 (AS-16 Kickback)

The Kh-15 short-range attack missile is analogous to the the American AGM-69 SRAM. Its basic version is the Kh-15P (Article 115) antiradiation missile used for breaking through air defenses. Its Kh-15A anti-ship version (exhibited in Abu Dabi 1993 as the Kh-15S) has an inertial navigation system for the initial flight stage and a millimetric-wave active-radar self-homing system for the final flight stage. During its initial flight stage the Kh-15 missile, using a solid-fuel, rises to an altitude of about 40,000 m, whereupon the target seeking radar turns on. Having been zeroed in on the target, the missile dives while accelerating to a speed of Mach 5.


Entered Service
Total length 4.78 m
Diameter 0.455 m
Wingspan 0.92 m
Weight 1200 kg
Warhead Weight150 kg
Maximum SpeedMach 5
Maximum effective range 150 km
flight altitude 40 km
Guidance mode
Single-shot hit probability

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