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Raduga Kh-59 (AS-13 Kingbolt) and
Kh-59M (AS-18 Kazoo)

The Kh-59 missile (Article D9) was for the first time publicly displayed in November 1991, in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). This missile is guided by television and propelled by a powder-fuel engine, with a powder- fuel accelerator in the tail. Its folding stabilizers are located at the front, while its cantilever wings with rudders are located in the rear.

The Kh-59M missile differs from the original model by having a twice as large warhead and by another propulsion system. Under the missile body has been suspended a small turbojet engine, the RDK-300 designed by the "Soyuz" [Union] OKB. The missile is brought up to speed by a powder-fuel accelerator located in the tail section and then continues flying propelled by that turbojet engine. Equipped with such a propulsion system, the missile has a three times longer range than the Kh-59.

Because television guidance has the drawback that the target must be "seen" by the missile, which limits the missile's range of action, the Kh-59M has a dual guidance system. After having been fired, the missile is guided by an inertial navigation system into the vicinity of the target and then the television camera is turned on for transmission of images to the receiver on board the missile's carrier aircraft. The transmitter of flight-correcting radio commands (APK-8 for MiG-27K aircraft or APK-9 for Su-24M/30M and newer aircraft) is mounted in a container which hangs under the aircraft. The armament consisting of a Kh-59M missile with such guidance is called Owad [Insect]-M.


Entered Service1982
Total length 5.695 m (Kh-59 5,368 m)
Diameter 0.38 m
Wingspan 1.26 m
Weight 930 kg (Kh-59 760 kg)
Warhead Weight315 kg with penetrating ammunition or
280 kg with fragmenting ammunition
(Kh-59 147 kg)
Maximum Speed285 m/s
Maximum effective range 115 km (Kh-59 40 km)
Altitude 7 m above water or
100, 600, 1000 m above ground
Guidance mode TV-guide
Carried bySu-24M, Su-34

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