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Alto / Derby

Variously known as Alto or Derby, this Israeli active radar-guided air-to-air missile (AAM) is a collaborative effort between Rafael, the state's armament development agency, and Israel Aircraft Industries MBT. Officially acknowledged in 1998, the project has been underway for at least a decade. This missile's design shares considerable commonality with Python 4, though adding mid-body wings. This medium-range weapon, with a maximum effective engagement envelope of about 50 km, may have already entered service with the Israeli Air Force. Israel is marketing a variant of the missile for export, with offers to the Philippines and India, while South Korea and China also be potential customers.


Manafacturer RAFA'EL Armament Development Authority
Date Deployed
Range 50 km
Guidance active radar
Launch Weight
Length 3.8 meters
Diameter 0.15 meters
Fin Span 0.5 meters

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