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AFM-L Alfa
3M-51 Alfa P-900

The P-900 Alfa [industrial code 3M-51 ] is a version of the Granat [SS-N-19 SHIPWRECK] carrying a supersonic [Mach 2.5] final attack stage. There is some confusion as to whether the SS-N-27 designation applies to this missile, or to the Klub [industrial code 3M-54, also known as Alfa] , although the best evidence suggests that the 3M-54 Alfa is the SS-N-27, rather than the 3M-51 Alfa.

The first information about the Alfa or officially AFM-L air-to-water missile built by the Scientific-Industrial Association "Mashinostroyeniye" [Machine Construction] (formerly V. Chelomey's Special Design Bureau since 1984 directed by G. Yefremov) was given at the Abu Dabi exhibition in February 1993, and in August 1993 a full-size model of this new missile was displayed in Zhukovskiy. It has a folding wing and four stabilizers aft. During the first flight stage, covering about 200 km, the missile is propelled by a turbojet engine and flies at a subsonic speed of 220-240 m/s approaching the target, whereupon a rocket engine kicks in which accelerates it to 700 m/s.

NPO Mashinostroenie continues the development of the Alfa universal supersonic cruise missile that can be adopted for service in five to six years. The missile is being developed in submarine, ship, air and coastal-launched variants. As an airborne variant, Alfa will first join the armament options for the Su-34 or Su-32FN (NATO: Flanker) attack aircraft. The ship, submarine and coastal-launched variants of the Alfa have take-off weight of 2,600 kg (5,730 lb.) and warhead weight of 300 kg. (661 lb.). The Alfa air-launched variant has take-off weight of 1,600 kg. (3,527 lb.). With the exception of the airborne variant, the missile is fired from a standard transport-launching container (TLC).


Contractor NPO Mashinostroyeniye
Entered ServiceUnder Development
Total length 8.0 m
Weight 2,600 kg (5,730 lb.) ship, submarine and coastal-launched variants
1,600 kg. (3,527 lb.) air-launched variant
Warhead Weight300 kg. (661 lb.)
Propulsion Turbojet + Rocket
Maximum SpeedCruise Subsonic,
Attack Mach 2.5 - 700 m/s
Maximum effective range 250 km
Guidance mode Active Radar
Single-shot hit probability

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