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The most recent Russian R-77 medium-range missiles (AA-12 "AMRAAMSKI") is similar to and in some respects equal to the American AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles. The R-77 missile has an active radar finder and a maximim range of 90-100 kilometers (50 km more than AMRAAM) and flies at four times the speed of sound.

The AA-12 has rectangular narrow span wings and a distinctive set of four rectangular control surfaces at the rear. similar to the configuration used on the terminal control fins of the SS-21 'Scarab' and SS-23 'Spider' ballistic missiles. These unique control surfaces feature reduced flow separation at high angles of attack, producing greater aerodynamic moment force than conventional control surfaces. The missile's guidance is inertial with mid-course updates from the launch aircraft, followed by a terminal active radar phase from an acquisition range of about 20 kilometers. Development of the missile is believed to have begun around in 1982.


Length 3.60 m
Body diameter 200 mm
Wingspan 0.35 m
Launch weight 175 kg
Warhead 30 kg HE fragmentation
Fuze Active radar
Guidance Inertial, command and active radar
Propulsion Solid propellant
Range 50 km
Platforms Su-33, Su-34, Su-35, Su-37, MiG-33, MiG-31M, Yak-141

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