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Type 80

In 1987 the existence of a new Type 80 main battle tank was revealed in the Western press. The tank had a new chassis and fire control system. The 105mm gun fire APFSDS-T, HEAT-T, HESH, and HE rounds. A more powerful engine, ballistics computer, laser rangefinder integrated with stabilized sights, sensors and gun stabilization provides firepower and mobility.


Date Production Began1988
Crew Size4
Combat Weight38,000kg
Length (hull)6.325m
Length (gun forward)9.328m
Width (over skirts)3.372m
Height (with AA MG)2.874m
Height (to turret roof)2.29m
Max Road Speed60kmh
Max Road Range430km
Armour ?
Armament 1 x 105mm gun
1 x 7.62mm machine gun
1 x 12.7mm machine gun (AA)
Powerplant V-12 diesel, 730 hp

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