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Type 54 122-mm Self-Propelled Gun-Howitzer

The Type 54-1 Self-Propelled Howitzer, one of PLA's first locally designed self-propelled artillery, carries a derivative of the Soviet M1938 (M-30) 122mm howitzer on the Type 85 Armored Personnel Carrier chassis, a lengthened YW-531 chassis developed for the Type 54-1 SPH. The APC front is retained, while the the rear is cut down to accept the gun and shield. The suspension has five roadwheels and skirts covering the top track. This rather rudimentary system, lacking a gun enclosure, overhead armor, or secondary defensive guns, is slowly being replaced by the newer and considerably improved Type 85 gun.


Powerplantmodel 6150L 260 hp
Speed34 mph
Weight15 tons
  • one 122mm main gun
  • Rate of Fire 5-6 rounds/min

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