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M-389 155 mm Field Gun

The M-389 155 mm Field Gun, advertised at the VTTV-Omsk-97 international exhibition of military land equipment, armaments and conversion products, is built by the Gosudarstvennoe unitarnoe predpriatie Zavod 9 [Vysokodispersnye Metallicheskiye Poroshki AO]. Very few details of this light-weight field gun have been revealed, though the reported 155mm caliber suggests that it is intended for export. Although this type of ammunition is widely used in NATO and other western countries, it is not used in former Soviet states, which use the 152mm ammunition instead.


Weight1300 kg
Range - maximum 15,200 meters
- minimum 3,900 meters
Rate of fire 6-8 rounds/minute
Projectile Weight 45,5 kg
Traverse 360
Elevation-5 do +70

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