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M70 / M73 Remote Anti-Armor Munition (RAAM)
M718 long-destruct
M741 short-destruct

Remote Anti-Armor Munition (RAAM) mines mines are delivered by 155mm howitzer. RAAM should not be planned on hard surface roads or airfields as the mines will shatter or break when hitting asphalt or concrete.

RAAMS is effective against armored vehicles. The mines are expelled from the rear of the projectile over the target. After ground impact and roll, the mine is armed and ready to detonate upon sensing a proper armored vehicle signature (electromagnetic). A percentage of the nine RAAMS mines are equipped with an antidisturbance device. RAAMS is highly effective when used in conjunction with the ADAM mine, which helps prevent neutralization by enemy ground troops. There are nine RAAMS mines per 155-mm projectile. Minefield densities and self-destruct times are the same as ADAM (M741 short-destruct, M718 long-destruct).

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