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M992A2 Fire Direction Center Vehicle (FDCV)

The Fire Direction Center Vehicle (FDCV) is an M992A2 Field Artillery Ammunition Supply Vehicle (FAASV) which has been reconfigured into a Platoon Operations Center (POC). When completed, two FDCVs will replace two of the six M1068 SICPS c belonging to the EXFOR artillery battalion (4-42 FA) in the TF XXI A s system will be a standard reconfigured FAASV M992A2 and An/GYK-37(V)2 lightweight computer unit and associated equipment. One of the LCUs is loaded with Battery Computer System (BCS) and the other is loaded with Advanced Field Artillery Technical Data System (AFATDS) Software. One of the stations is outfitted with a V2 Applique Computer and its associated situation awareness software. The Fire Direction Officer (FDO) has a separate work station which will consist of a desk-like surface, storage for documentation, manuals, ancillary equipment, a map board, and a 21 " Flat Panel Display to a monitor either of the LCUs or the V2 Applique Computer. The work station will have one VRC-89 Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System (SINCGARS) with all associated hardware. The Radio will be modified to include the TF XXI System Improvement Program capabilities and internet controller (SINCGARS SIP/INC). The FDCV also has one VRC-90 and VRC-92 SINCGARS SIP/INC Radios.

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