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M880 Short Range Practice Cartridge

The M880 is a Short Range Practice Cartridge for use with the M252, M29 and the M303 81mm Mortar Insert for the 120mm Mortar. This cartridge provides realistic training to mortar crews. The M880 is a 1/10 range round and is similar to the 81mm High Explosive cartridge in exterior configuration and operation. With the use of a refurbishment kit the M880 can be fired up to ten times. The M880 is equipped with the M775 Practice Fuze which is a facsimile M734 Multi-Option Fuze and produces flash, bang and smoke.

The M880 consists of the following major components:
Charge Zone
055 m/s45 m290 m
160 m/s55 m345 m
265 m/s65 m400 m
370 m/s70 m460 m

Maximum Rate of Fire.........30 rounds/min (2 minutes)
Sustained Rate of Fire..........15 rounds/min
Cartridge Weight..........2.95 kg (6.5 lb)
Type Classified Standard..........March 1986

Contractor: POCAL
Procurement Type: Production
Previous Contracts: 2
Contract Type: Firm Fixed Price
Production Qty: 3626
Scope: Production of 3626 Cartridges and 68,894 Kits

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