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M720/888 60mm High Explosive Cartridges

The M720 and M888 High Explosive Cartridges are designed for use with the M224 60mm Mortar System and are used against personnel, bunker and light materiel targets. The high fragmentation steel projectile is loaded with Composition B explosive. The M720 and M888 are identical with the exception of the fuze. The M720 is equipped with the M734 Multi-Option Fuze which can be set to function in the Proximity, Near Surface Burst, Impact, or Delay mode. The M888 is equipped with the M935 Point Detonating Fuze which functions in the Impact mode.

The M720/888 consists of the following major components:
Charge Zone
065 m/s70 m400 m
1126 m/s200 m1300 m
2170 m/s350 m2100 m
3208 m/s500 m2800 m
4241 m/s650 m3500 m

Maximum Rate of Fire.........30 rounds/min (4 minutes)
Sustained Rate of Fire..........20 rounds/min
Cartridge Weight..........1.68 kg (3.7 lb)
M720 Type Classified Standard..........July 1977
M888 Type Classified Standard..........March 1983

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