Fire Support for Digitized Division Operations
Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures


The Force XXI division artillery is a potent force that takes advantage of modern technologies and a flexible organization. Experimental Forces (EXFOR) Special Text (XST) 6-20-30 represents a continuing process in developing digital tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) for our future division artillery. It provides digitized units a document to work with as they continue transition to a Force XXI structure. It must be used in conjunction with other doctrinal publications.

Field Manual (FM) 6-20-30, Fire Support for Corps and Division Operations is the foundation of current doctrine that this document builds upon. FM 71-100 Division Operations describes the general nature of the division and addresses its tactics. FM 71-100-5, EXFOR Division Operations goes beyond these fundamental doctrinal works to explain how the Force XXI division fights. It describes, through samples of TTPs, how commanders might employ the division.

This special text should be viewed as a starting point for leveraging new capabilities in order to fight and win in combined arms operations. XST 6-20-30 is a living document and will change as we gain further post-Advanced Warfighting Experiment (AWE) experience.

The proponent of this special text is Commandant, US Army Field Artillery School (USAFAS), ATTN: Warfighting Integration and Development Directorate (ATSF-D), Fort Sill, OK 73503.