Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP)
The Army Tactical Missile System (Army TACMS)
Family of Munitions (AFOM)


A2C2 Army Airspace Command and Control

ABCCC Airborne Command and Control Center

ACC Air Component Commander

ACE Analysis and Control Element

ACV Armored Combat Vehicle

ACUS Area Common User System

ADOCS Automated Deep Operations Coordination

ADDS Army Data Distribution System

AF Air Force

AFATDS Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data


AFOM ATACMS Family of Munitions

AGM Attack Guidance Matrix

AI Air Interdiction

AMC At My Command

AOC Air Operations Center

AC Attack Control

ACV Armored Combat Vehicle

AP Attack Planning

APAM AntiPersonnel Anti Materiel

ARFOR Army Forces

ASAS All Source Analysis System

ASOC Air Support Operations Center

ATI Artillery Target Intelligence

ATCCS Army Tactical Command & Control System

ATACMS Army Tactical Missile System

AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System

Az Azimuth

BAT Brilliant Anti-tank Submunition

BCD Battlefield Coordination Detachment

BDA Battle Damage Assessment

BDE Brigade

BIT Built In Test

BN Battalion

BOM Bit Oriented Message

BTRY Battery

C2 Command and Control

C3I Command, Control, Communications, and


C2APP Command and Control Application

CAPFM Capability Fire Mission

CAPMVT Capabilities Moving Target Fire Mission

(message format)

CAS Close Air Support

CEU Central Electronics Unit

CGS Common Ground Station

CNR Combat Net Radio

COA Course of Action

COE Common Operating Environment

CSEU Control System Electronics Unit

COMP B Composition B

CNR Combat Net Radio

CRC Control and Reporting Center

CSS Combat Service Support

CTAPS Contingency Theater Automated Planning

CTT Commander’s Tactical Terminal

D3A Decide, Detect, Deliver, and Assess


DD/MM/YY Day/Month/Year field entries

DOCC Deep Operations Coordination Cell

DP Decision Point (as used in targeting or

decision-making process), Dispersal Pattern
(if used relative to FM;THMTGT message
or a munition)

DMD Digital Messaging Device

DSS Deceleration and Stabilization Subsystem

EA Engagement Area

EAC Echelons Above Corps

EALP Enclosure Assembly Launch Pod

EDPS Encapsulation and Dispensing Protection


EFD Expected Fractional Damage

EGR Embedded GPS Receiver

ELEV Elevation

EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal

EOM End of Mission

ESAD Electronic Safe and Arm Device

ETA Estimated Time of Arrival

EW Electronic Warfare

FA Field Artillery

FACP Field Artillery Command Post

FARP Forward Area Rearm/Refuel Point

FATDS FA Tactical Data System

FCP Fire Control Panel

FCS Fire Control System

FDC Fire Direction Center

FDDM Fire Direction Data Manager

FDS Fire Direction System

FM Field Manual, Fire Mission (e.g.,

FOB Field Operating Base

FRAGO Fragmentary Orders

FS Fire Support

FSC3 Fire Support Command Control and

FSCL Fire Support Coordination Line

FSCOORD Fire Support Coordinator

FSE Fire Support Element

GCS Guidance and Control Section

GMLA Guided Missile Launching

GPF Ground Processing Facility

GPS Global Positioning System


GS General Support

GSM Ground Station Module

GSR General Support Reinforcing

HEMAT Heavy Expanded Mobility
Ammunition Trailer

HEMTT Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical

HIMARS High Mobility Artillery Rocket System

HMMWV High Mobility Multi-Purpose
Wheeled Vehicle

HPT High Payoff Target

HPTL High Payoff Target List

HVT High Value Target

IPB Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield

ICD Interface Control Document

IDM Improved Data Modem

IEW Intelligence and Electronic Warfare

IFCS Improved FCS

IFSAS Interim Fire Support Automation System

ILMS Improved Launcher Mechanical System

IMGS Improved Missile Guidance Set

IMINT Imagery Intelligence

IN inch

INTSUM Intelligence Summary

IPDS Improved Position Determining System

IR infrared

ISC Inertial Sensor Computer

JAOC Joint Air Operations Center

JSOTF Joint Special Operations Task Force

JSTARS Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar

JTCB Joint Targeting Coordination Board

JTF Joint Task Force

JTT Joint Tactical Terminal

KM kilometer

kW kiloWatt

LBS pounds

LCC Land Component Commander

LCU Lightweight Computer Unit

LLM Launcher Loader Module

LNO Liaison Officer

LPC Launch Pod Container

MARFOR Marine Forces

MCS/P Maneuver Control System / Phoenix

MD Mission Data

MFOM MLRS Family of Munitions

MFR Mission Fired Report

MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System

MMW millimeter wave

MRL Multiple Rocket Launcher

MSE Mobile Subscriber Equipment

MTI Moving Target Indicator

MTOE Modified Tables of Organization and

NAI Named Area of Interest

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NAVFOR Naval Forces

NLT Not Later Than

NGC Navigation and Guidance Computer

NRT Near Real Time

O&I Operations and Intelligence (section)

ONC On Call

OPFAC Operational Facility

Ops Operations

P3I Pre-Product Planned Improvement

PEP Planned Engagement Point

PKG Package

PTM Plain Text Message

RA Responsible Agent

RSR Radar Service Requests

ROZ Restricted Operating Zone

SALUTE Size, Activity Location, Unit, Time,

SATC Small Area Target Classification

SATCOM Satellite Communications

SAR Synthetic Aperture Radar

SCC Surface Component Commander

SIGINT Signal Intelligence

SINCGARS Single Channel Ground Airborne Radio

SIP Submunition Interface Processor

SIU Sequencer Interface Unit

SOF Special Operation Forces

SOP Standing Operating Procedures

SS Sector Search

SSM Surface to Surface Missile

STANAG Standardization Agreement

STU Secure Telephone Unit

SYS System

TA Target Acquisition

TAC Tactical

TACP Tactical Air Command Post

TACS Theater Air Control System

TACMS Tactical Missile System

TAI Target Area of Interest

TBM Theater Ballistic Missile

TBMCS Theater Battle Management Core System

TDA Target Damage Assessment

TELs Transporter Erector Launchers

TENCAP Tactical Exploitation of National Capability

TGT Target

THMTGT Terminal Homing Munition Target Message

TIBS Tactical Information Broadcast Service

TLE Target Location Error

TOT Time On Target

TSE Total System Errors

TSS Target Selection Standards

TTF Time To Fire

TTP Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures

UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UFFE Unit to Fire For Effect

UHF Ultra High Frequency

US United States

USMTF U.S. Message Text Format

VMF Variable Message Format

WAS Wide Area Surveillance

WR When Ready

XDIST Outer Operational Area Boundary

ZALT Altitude describing the ceiling of the platoon air hazard area

ZDIST The downrange distance that the missile may attain