Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP)
The Army Tactical Missile System (Army TACMS)
Family of Munitions (AFOM)

ANNEX A to APPENDIX A MLRS Battalion - GSM/CGS Interoperability Checklist

The following checklist is provided as a sample check for MLRS Battalion FDS-GSM/CGS interoperability. It is suggested as a part of, and modification to the unit TAC SOP.

MLRS Operations

_______ Location selected for the GSM/CGS, support vehicle, and generators.

_______ Battlefield geometry prepared for GSM/CGS crew.

_______ GSM/CGS mission data understood by GSM/CGS crew and FDC.

_______ Special instructions for GSM/CGS-FDC. SYS;PTM may be used to pass

FRAGOs and other information requirements (e.g., fire mission


_______ Situation briefing prepared for GSM/CGS/FDC.

_______ Ammunition allocation adjustments required.

_______ Rehearsal plan prepared/coordinated.

_______ Verify FRAGO has airspace clearance for each platoon and target area.

_______ Verify battery(s)/platoon(s) in position, ready to fire.

MLRS-GSM/CGS Communications

_______ Wire communications hookups / wire on hand and serviceable.

_______ Site selected by operations adequate for GSM/CGS communications

(e.g., BN FDC and S-3 (Operations & Intel Section)).

_______ Frequencies and call signs ready for GSM/CGS.

_______ MSE drop available for GSM/CGS.

_______ Phone number list available for GSM/CGS.

_______ Key material on hand. Arrangements for GSM/CGS crypto keying (if required).

_______ Verify time, conduct time hack.

MLRS Battery

_______ Subscriber codes designated / on hand.

_______ Battery/platoon develops a launcher posturing plan.