ST 6-50-60 Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for



This coordinating draft of ST 6-50-60 is released by the USAFAS to provide developmental doctrine and tactics. techniques, and procedures (TTP) for 3X6 Paladin howitzer battalion, battery, platoon, and section.

This ST serves as the doctrine and TTP for Paladin units through conversion from 3X8 to 3X6 battalion structure and completion of fielding the system to the active Army and selected National Guard and Reserve units. Following the fielding of the Paladin system, the information in this manual will be revised and incorporated into Department of the Army (DA) publications. This will take the form of a field manual (FM) to be used with existing cannon battery/battalion level manuals during the normal periodic revision process.

This revision of ST 6-50-60 incorporates lessons learned from the PALADIN FOTE concluded in December 1992, from NTC operations conducted through December 1995, and the fielding of six active Army battalions. This ST does not replace the doctrinal concepts outlined in FM 6-50 or the FM 6-20 series. The ST addresses TTP for cannon artillery echelons from Battalion level down to section level and where applicable, supports crew techniques and procedures.

The ST ties the doctrinal approach with the training strategies outlined in the associated PALADIN AMTP 6- PALADIN - MTP. The document is intended to serve as a useful tool in preparation for employing the PALADIN system using a number of techniques and procedures. It is not meant to inhibit the development of new and innovative TTPs by soldiers in the field. Comments and suggestions are encouraged.

The proponent of this publication is the United States Army Field Artillery School, Gunnery Department. Send comments and recommendations on DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms) located at the back of the ST directly to: Commandant. USAFAS, Attn: ATSF-G (PALADIN), Fort Sill, OK 73501-5399.