FM 6-70 Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for

United States Army Field Artillery

Field Manual (FM) 6-70 (Draft)





Tactics, Techniques and Procedures for the



Executive Summary


The M109A6 is a product improvement of the M109 series howitzer designed to support the Army Operations Doctrine and to dramatically improve the maneuver commander's influence on the next battlefield. That influence extends to the areas of fire support, tactics, command and control, targeting, and survivability.


This manual is prepared for the Paladin battery and platoon, as well as for the M109A6 battalion commander and his staff. It is designed to be used in conjunction with FM 6-50 and FM 6-20-1. Battalion and higher level commands will find it useful understanding the capabilities of the Paladin battery and how to support it. This manual sets forth the responsibilities and duties of key battery personnel for field operations and addresses battery and platoon tactics. As applicable, those tactics, techniques, and procedures for the Paladin battalion, battery, or platoon which do not differ significantly from those described in FM 6-50 or FM 6-20-1, are not repeated in this manual.







* This publication supersedes all related PALADIN FMs and ST 6-50-60.