FM 6-70 Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for

Appendix N



N 1. General


The Master Gunner will conduct section certification and Field Artillery Safety certification for cannon section chiefs throughout the battalion. The master gunner will also ensure that 13B soldiers who are assigned from other weapon system FA units, have the skills necessary to function in a Paladin battalion. The Master Gunner will act as the battalion commander’s weapon system expert on training, safety and maintenance operations. The Master Gunner is responsible for monitoring all evaluations throughout the battalion.

N-2. Specific

The battalion master gunner will also be responsible for the planning and coordinating the set-up the equipment and tools necessary to administer:

The officers hands-on evaluation for on both the howitzer and aiming circle (normally administered to all LTs-CPTs in the battalion).

The gunners test to E-6 section chiefs and section gunners and ammo team chief.

The big 3 (top 3) senior NCO certification program for SFCs-CSMs in the battalion.

N-3 Additional

The master gunner is also responsible for establishing and implementing certification programs for designating subject matter experts (SME) in the following programs:

Battalion radar certification program. BN radar NCO: The radar NCOIC is responsible for developing an evaluation that certifies the radar section in the abilities to do their jobs in the field.

Battalion survey certification program. BN survey NCO: The senior surveyer will develop a program that evaluates surveyors and the use of all survey devices throughout the unit.




Battalion maintenance program for the BN POC, BN Maint. NCO: The senior NCO will develop a program that addresses the needs of the unit in the areas of: How to properly fill out a 59-88-E, how to conduct/supervise PMCS IAW the appropriate –10, and the flow of maintenance records from the supervisor to the maintenance personnel.

FDC certification program for the BN. FDC POC: The battalion chief computer will develop a program that evaluates every aspect of fire direction duties. These evaluations can be used to certify FDC sections, it can also be used to identify weaknesses that might require additional training.

Forward observer certification program for the BN F.O. POC: The senior FISTer will develop a program that evaluates every aspect F.O. procedures.

N-3. Field Duties.

In the field the master gunner serves as assistant operations NCO and as such will be a shift TOC NCOIC during continuous operations. Also while in the field, he serves as technical advisor to the commander.