1.1. Radiological Characteristics of Natural and Depleted Uranium
2.1. Uranium Concentration in Human Tissues and Blood
2.2. The Concentration of Uranium in Different Human Tissues in an Urban Population in Bombay, India, Compared with Literature Values
2.3. Daily Dietary Intake of 238U in Various Countries
2.4. Intake of Natural Uranium Isotopes in Diet, Water, and Air in New York City
2.5. Daily Intake of 238U in 31 Locations in Japan During 1981
2.6. Reproduction Studies Examining the Effects of Uranium on Reproductive Health
2.7. Calculated Blood Uranium Concentrations in Animal Experiments with Mice Versus an Equivalent Human Inhalation During the Gulf War
F.1. Conversion Coefficients from Air Kerma to Effective Dose for Terrestrial Gamma Rays
F.2. National Estimates of the Average Annual Effective Dose from Terrestrial Gamma Rays
F.3. Reference Annual Intake of Food and Air
F.4. Reference Activity Concentrations of Natural Radionuclides in Food and Air
F.5. Committed Effective Dose per Unit Activity Intake of Natural Radionuclides for Adults
F.6. Average Age-Weighted Annual Intakes of Natural Radionuclides and Associated Effective Doses
G.1. Measured Deep Dose Rates for the M60A3 Tank
G.2. Measured Deep Dose Rates for the M1 Tank