1.1. Radiation Sources
2.1. Human Kidney and Nephron
2.2. Compartmental Model for Internalization of Depleted Uranium
2.3. Cumulative Frequency Distribution of Natural Uranium in Bone Ash
2.4. Natural Uranium Concentrations as a Function of Age in Human Organs and Bones in New York City
2.5. Distribution of Naturally Occurring 238U in the Human Body
2.6. Distribution of Inhaled Uranium
2.7. Exposure to InsolubleUranium: Air Dust Exposure Versus After-Weekend Urine Concentration
2.8. Exposure to SolubleUranium Compounds: Air Dust Exposure Versus Before-Weekend Urine Samples
2.9. Daily Excretion of Uranium by a Person Subjected to a Single Massive Exposure
A.1. Principal Decay Scheme of the Uranium Series
B.1. Principal Decay Scheme of the Actinium Series