Many individuals contributed either helpful editorial comment, suggestions for expanding the text, or additional information and data from their own research on uranium. We would like to express particular appreciation to Drs. Paul E. Morrow, Arthur C. Upton for reviewing the document. Dr. Paul E. Morrow, one of the pioneers in uranium toxicology, made many suggestions and contributed special insight and detail to the historic animal experiments at the University of Rochester. The Rochester data provided the foundation for the guidelines for industrial exposure in the early days of the atomic energy and weapons programs. Dr. Arthur C. Upton critically reviewed the document and provided many valuable comments, including those on experimental animal studies. Isabel M. Fisenne of the U.S. Department of Energy carefully checked the text for inaccuracies and provided much of the measured-natural-background data. Their many suggestions have improved the report; however, the content and conclusions remain the sole responsibility of the authors.

We also would like to express gratitude to Mike Hix, the Co-Principal Investigator on the project, for his suggestions, to Pam Bromley and Caren Kamberg for their research assistance, and to Dan Sheehan for his editing of the document.

Finally, we are indebted to the Hon. Bernard Rostker, Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Gulf War Illnesses, for sponsoring this review, and to the many members of his staff who have provided data and insights during the drafting process.